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Mangini won’t commit to Delhomme….



“I haven’t gotten that far, I really haven’t,” said Mangini. “I just want to look at some Miami tape, get a better sense of the challenges they present and look at it in that context as opposed to just making a decision right now.”

“I don’t know where Colt is, so I don’t even know if he’s part of the discussion,” said Mangini. “I hope he is, but Seneca would always be part of the discussion. He’s done a great job when he’s been in there. I’m going to think through it and try to make the best decision.”

“Part of it is understanding the plays you can make and the plays you can’t,” said Mangini. “We all think we can do the same things over time that we’ve done and it doesn’t quite happen that way. You’ve got to adjust some. I don’t think it’s dramatic. But we do have to adjust some to make sure the volume of decisions are really good.”

“I was concentrating on the safety and the linebacker,” said Delhomme. “I faked and both of them bit. I went to throw, and there was Beason. I told him after the game [that] he’s a heck of a player.”

“That guy made a hell of a play,” agreed center Alex Mack. “He did a great job of really stretching out, coming from nowhere to get the ball. I don’t think you can really blame that on anybody, except him doing great job. It’s unfair to blame that on the quarterback.”

“I had a year with someone who’s a known chance-taker [Brett Favre], so I’ve lived through that,” he said. “There’s great positives, and some plays that it doesn’t work on. You just want to play the odds.”

Randy Ward, is a die hard Browns fan that hasn't missed a game since the Browns have been back in 99. Randy bleeds Orange and Brown and can't wait for that one day, when the Browns are on top of the mountain. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl!!!!

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