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Chirstmas Eve in Cleveland….


I know this is Brownsgab, but how can we not talk about the return of LebronJames, tomorrow night. It wasn’t supposed to be like this Lebron was going to get us our first championship and many more after that. He was gong to get his jersey in the rafters and life would be good in Cleveland. Unfortunately it didn’t happen like that and now everyone across the world is wondering  how Cleveland is going to react to him coming back to this GREAT city. This is a city who doesn’t take what he did lightly and I look for something to happen tomorrow night at the Q. This town threw bottles on the field when they were screwed by the NFL and there officials. Now we have Lebron coming back with his new team the Miami Heat. Should the Cleveland fans thank him for his seven years that he has spent with this team? I personally don’t think so. I am not sure what is going to happen tomorrow at the Q, but have a feeling something negative is going to happen. Cleveland is like to fight city and will be ready to rock and roll Thursday night. Obviously this just isn’t another game for the city,team, and fans. We have the most passionate fans all across the board and they are ready to let the man who betrayed them hear about it tomorrow. I am fortanute enough to be attending tomorrow nights game and I am looking forward to seeing what happens. The Cavs getting the win would make my week. Go Browns Destination Super Bowl!!!!!

Randy Ward, is a die hard Browns fan that hasn't missed a game since the Browns have been back in 99. Randy bleeds Orange and Brown and can't wait for that one day, when the Browns are on top of the mountain. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl!!!!

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