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Holmgren – “This Will Have a Good Ending”

Browns President Mike Holmgren addressed the Cleveland media on Monday, and says that while he knows it’s a tough situation for everyone to deal with in regards to the lockout, he feels that football will be played in 2011 and that the Browns are still excited about the next season.

“It’s an interesting time, to say the least. What I wanted to let you know and everyone know if possible, is that it is our feeling and hope that we will play football games. We’ve worked very, very hard to begin to establish a program that will win and we are proceeding along those lines. It’s going to be business as usual in the building for the Cleveland Browns organization. As you know, the draft is coming up at the end of April and even with the work stoppage, the draft preparation and everything prior to that time is the same as always. We will be working hard to prepare for the draft and then have the draft.

“My hope was, as was Randy Lerner’s and we were excited about the potential of it getting ironed out through mediation. That was the way it was going and then most recently, as you all know and are well aware, it is now gone into the court system. We will play football again, the tough part is knowing exactly when. Our hope is that it gets worked out. I believe everyone wants it to work out. I just want to encourage our fans to hang in there. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it, until the point where they can feel real good about where our football team is. But they’ve been so good so far in the year plus that I’ve been here. They are a sense of encouragement to me, and I appreciate that. This will have a good ending as well and we’ll get back to playing football like we all want.”

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