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Quotes From Mike Holmgren About Getting Back to Work

(On how are the Browns proceeding through this process)– “I brought some cheat notes in because in the last three hours it’s probably changed about 14 times (joking). This is how I think it’s going to work: tomorrow at 10:00, we can sign our draft choices and undrafted rookies. We can start to sign them after 10:00. At that time we can also start to negotiate, but not sign, our own unrestricted free agents. Camp opens on Friday. All this takes place in the next two or three days. At 6:00 on Friday, then we can begin to sign those free agents. There are two groups of players, our draft choices and rookie free agents, that’s the first group. Then we can start signing the other ones on Friday. The league year begins August 4,, so there is a lot of stuff they still have to do and different things, but Tom Heckert, Matt Thomas and all the guys, they are all primed and ready to go. We have been talking about the plan and the players we want to go after for a long, long time. Now, the good thing is it’s here and we’re going to get this done.”

(On if the Browns face more challenges from the lockout than other teams because they have new coaches)- “I think there are some challenges there because of that. Everyone’s going to be challenged a little bit, but I think if you have a new head coach, a new staff and then young people, like a young quarterback, I think there are challenges that other veteran teams might not encounter early, but were not making any excuses. I told the coaching staff and Pat (Shurmur) before we left on vacation, it is what it is. We’re coaches. We’re teachers. We have some young people that really want to learn and get better and let’s just roll up our sleeves and do the best we can. I’m really confident that our players prepared while they were away. I think they want to learn. They want to get better. They want to do this. There’s a great feeling on this team. Now we just get it done”

(On if the lockout circumstances made it any tougher on Colt McCoy)- “I think playing quarterback in the league is one of the toughest things you ever do in athletics. I think it’s just a difficult thing to do and to do it well. In this young guy I really believe he has the want to, he is a natural leader, he has all those types of measurable and he’s already there, we saw some of that last year. Now his experience, he hasn’t played very much and experience at that position means more than any other position in football. He’s going to play young sometimes, but if he can play like he did at times last year and be pretty consistent and give us a whole season and stay healthy, I think he’s going to be fine.”

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