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Cribbs Keeps it Real – Calls Loss to the Rams “Embarrassing”

Josh Cribbs said this week that the Browns had some tricks up their sleeves in their offense. They pulled them off, but in the end, it was still not enough for them in a 13-12 loss to the Rams.

After the loss, Cribbs said one word to describe how he felt and how the team felt about the loss to St.Louis.


Cribbs had a big part in the Browns offense, catching three passes for 32 yards and he returned a kickoff 27 yards. He did commit the big turnover of the day, a fumble on a punt that eventually allowed the Rams to kick the game-winning field goal in the 13-12 win.

“No excuse, (it’s) just embarrassing,” Cribbs said. “We all play hard. Everybody plays hard. But not to be able to take care of business, holding onto the football. I will only speak for me as far as ‘not in this house.’ We’re not going to question anybody’s effort, but taking care of the football, which is gold, that’s embarrassing for me.”

When describing the fumbled punt return, Cribbs said he was simply trying to make something happen, but instead it backfired.

“Sometimes, that can get me in trouble, but I’m still trying to make big plays,” Cribbs said. “I should have double-wrapped the ball and just went down. I was trying to make stuff happen. I was trying to do too much, break a tackle, get them off me and another guy came up.

“I try to look myself in the mirror every game. It’s not my effort. I want to win games. I’m not disappointed in myself in that aspect. It’s just when stuff like that happens, as a pro, I’ve got to be like, ‘Hey, worry about that after the game. We’ve still got a chance to win.’ We’re not good enough to come back from stuff like that.”

Cribbs also spoke about the fans on Sunday, and said he and the team are trying to win for the home crowd.

“We try to win for our fans,” Cribbs said. “It’s hard to keep asking them to root for us, even though they do anyway. I respect them a hell of a lot more now, each and every week, each and every year. Guys are out there busting their tails, bleeding, scraping, scrapping, trying to figure out something. They made less mistakes. In a low-scoring game like that, the team that makes the least mistakes is going to win. We’ve got to win games like that.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Denolakes

    November 14, 2011 at 12:58 am

    So, another week, another . . . whatever. Being in Jacksonville, I got to watch them today against Indy — which even with their third QB of the season showed some signs of life. Jacksonville can run — and Cleveland cannot defend the run. Right between the tackles, gashed the Indy defenseover and over again. Cleveland has returned to the abyss yet again. My guess is that a lot of folks ’round these parts wish this seasoncould end right now. Pittsburgh, Cincy and Baltimore are all 6-3 heading into the final stretch that has division games all over the place. Cincy won’t make the playoffs, ’cause they only play Cleveland once — at home. Baltimore & Pittsburgh get the additional bye weeks of Cleveland twice. They can tune up and rest nicked up players instead of having to worry about gaming up for Cleveland. And, with Baltimore being embarrassed by Seattle this week, I wouldn’t want to be going into there next week — lie Cincy. Frankly, I am just too tired of all this to even start the draft watch. Obviously, the “trade down” philosophy has not yielded positive results on the field. Cincy has 11 draft picks next year — so they get to reload their offense. Cleveland has picks, too, and they have done pretty well with the drafts of late. No team that plays Cleveland respects their receivers. Everybody plays man coverage, which meanas they are not afraid of being beaten deep. Up on the line, bump and wait for the dinks and dunks. Clevelands RBs have been a major disappointment this year — again. Hillis looks like a headcase who cannot seem to stay healthy and Hardesty is an injury waiting to happen. And, really, I could say whatever I want here because no one is reading, anyway. Why should they?

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