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Handicapping who will start at Quarterback for the Browns in 2012…..

Matt Flynn

Flynn holds the Packers franchise record in passing yards and touchdowns in a single game. Some team is going to pay the Packers backup a lot of money this free agency. I can almost guarantee H & H will bring him into town to see if it’s a match with the former Packers backup Quarterback.This move makes a lot of  sense for the Browns since Holmgren landed Hasselback and Favre both backups before they became starters for the Big Show. Flynn would be able to jump right into the Browns offense and start for them in 2012.  The Browns are going to have competition in landing this young talent do to the Packers Offensive Cordinator getting the head coaching job in Miami and Dan Snyder being able to throw a lot of money at Free Agents.

Odds: 5/1

Jason Campbell

Jason was putting together a pretty decent year before he was sent on the IR, and then the Raiders landing Carson Palmer from the Bengals. Campbell could be a band-aid for the Browns at the position for a few years but probably isn’t the long-term answer for the team. He wouldn’t demand the amount of money that Flynn would, but doesn’t have an upside like the Packers backup does. Campbell would be a safer signing for the Browns, but wouldn’t guarantee much more production at the Quarterback position.

Odds: 15/1

Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton is a middle of the pack Quarterback in the NFL. Orton can no doubt play the position but doesn’t make the best decision at times with the ball. With the Chiefs having Cassel as there starter Orton will probably have to find a new home in 2012, and the Browns could be a likely destination.


Andrew Luck

The Quarterback coming out of Stanford is the closest thing as a home run in the draft as you can get. Luck will no doubt be the number one pick the draft. The Browns have some fire power but it probably won’t be enough to move up to the number one spot and snag this elite Quarterback. Luck is ready to step in and start week one for whoever the team is that drafts him.

Odds: 100/1

Donovan McNabb

McNabb, was cut by the Vikings, and picked up by ESPN in 2011 due to no team signing the Quarterback. With Childress and Shurmur both having coached the Quarterback early in his career at Philadelphia, there will be some rumors of the Quarterback coming to play in Cleveland. Donovan, doesn’t have much in the tank and the only way I see him in the Brown and Orange is if it’s to mentor a young Quarterback, or to backup McCoy.

Odds: 50/1

Kevin Kolb

Kolb struggled in his first year playing Quarterback with the Cardinals, do to injuries and inconsistent play. Kevin, could be released or traded by Arizona this spring, and could be a good fit for the Browns. The rumors swirled last year that Kolb, was coming to Cleveland, and that could be a reality if Peyton Manning decides to head out west to play Quarterback for the Cardinals and they decide to go in a different direction. If Kolb became available I can almost guarantee Heckert would strongly consider bringing him here.

Odds: 10/1

Colt McCoy

The Browns, second year Quarterback, didn’t make a good case for himself leading the team to only four wins in 2011. You can’t put all the blame on Colt since the team didn’t protect him, or surround him with any weapons last season. He still hasn’t won a divisional game for the team in the two years he started, and that’s a major concern. McCoy hasn’t been given a fair shot to show he can be the man in Cleveland, do to the lack of talent around him. Holmgren, has said it takes three years for a Quarterback to learn the system, and to judge him after one year is just unfair.

Odds: 3/1

Senecca Wallace

Wallace has been a career backup in the league. He want’s a shot to be a starting Quarterback somewhere but I don’t think it’s going to be Cleveland. He hasn’t helped McCoy out since he has become the Starter and I don’t think he will be with the team next season. Like McCoy, Wallace hasn’t had much talent around him to show what he’s worth here in Cleveland.

Odds: 25/1

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill had some great games for the Aggie’s in 2011. The Browns wouldn’t have to use there first pick to get the Quarterback out of Texas A&M, but he isn’t a lock being the next elite Quarterback in the league. Ryan, has only started twenty games as a College Quarterback, playing Receiver in 08 and 09 for Texas A&M. He surprisingly has good speed and could fit well in the West Coast Offense.


Robert Griffin III

Almost every Mock Draft has the Browns selecting the Heisman Trophy Winner. Griffin is a play-maker something the Browns have been lacking in quite some time. RGIII is a smart kid that throws the ball with great accuracy and could be a great addition to the Cleveland Browns. Griffins size and not playing under center will raise some concerns for the front office if they move up and grab him. I don’t want the Browns to move up and get him but if he falls to the Browns at 4 which is unlikely, I wouldn’t mind them taking a chance on the kid from Baylor.

Odds: 5/1

Randy Ward, is a die hard Browns fan that hasn't missed a game since the Browns have been back in 99. Randy bleeds Orange and Brown and can't wait for that one day, when the Browns are on top of the mountain. Go Browns and Destination Super Bowl!!!!



  1. Drew

    February 29, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Its “due to” not “do to” moron!

  2. Mike

    February 29, 2012 at 10:39 am

    Drew is a closet homesexual!!!!!!!!! Have you ever made a mistake before Drew? Give the guy a break because you look like the moron being the prick

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