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Browns One of Just a Few in the Mix with St.Louis to Move Up and Snag RG3

All indications are the Browns are one of a couple teams that are in the race for Robert Griffin III, and it’s been stated here at the team is going to have to move up to get him.

The Browns are not the only ones though that want him, as National Football Authority’s Bear Heiser writes that the Redskins along with a “few surprise teams” are in the mix for that number two pick that will land RG3.

As the draft stock of quarterback Robert Griffin III soars, so does the value of the No. 2 overall pick currently held by the St. Louis Rams.

While Andrew Luck still appears to be a lock at No. 1 overall, Griffin III has become top choice of many QB-needy teams not named the Indianapolis Colts.

After speaking to a team executive Monday evening, offers for the Rams’ No. 2 pick have started coming in, and a few teams have already dropped out of the race.

The Cleveland Browns have been the favorite to land the pick, given they arguably have the most ammunition. Per the league source, Cleveland has offered the No. 4 overall pick, two second round picks and a fifth round pick, but not the No. 22 overall pick. However, if the No. 22 overall pick is a must for the Rams, while reluctant, the Browns would likely be willing to include it.

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  1. Denolakes

    February 29, 2012 at 10:24 am

    I would not make this deal if the No. 22 pick is a must along with 2 second rounders . . . And, if this is done, then so is Colt as a starter . . . this means Seneca leaves, which is probably a good thing, considering his behavior towards Colt this season . . . are we really ready to make this type of move for this kind of price . . .?

  2. Dotcommie

    March 4, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    I’m with you, Denolakes, unless RG3 turns out to be a top-5 quality QB. Of course, we can’t know that until he’s played for a couple of years, so (I repeat): I’m with you, Denolakes.

    I’m not excited about giving up both 2nd-round picks to move up, either. However, considering the Browns’ failure rate on 2nd round picks, it really isn’t much of a loss.

    Since you can’t expect to get something for nothing, you have to give up either the 22nd pick or the (2) second rounders. I’d rather take the 22nd and get a difference-maker than take chances on getting 2 difference makers that 31 other teams passed on once or twice.

    So, I say, trade either the 22nd or the (2) second rounders, but not all three picks. Preferably, trade the second rounders if you can make the deal.

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