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Tom Heckert Talks Draft Just One Week Before the Big Day

(On if he wants to keep the fourth overall pick or trade down)– “I think we would like to stay there. Wherever you are picking you think you are going to stay there and then if something else happens that’s the secondary thing. I do think we probably would be able to trade out. I don’t know that for sure but I think so. Right now we hope we stay there and take a good player.”

(On if everyone in the front office is on the same page with the fourth overall selection)– “I know who that four is going to be if we stay there. We are all on the same page. We know we are getting a really good player no matter what happens at three. We know we are getting one of two guys. We don’t know who is going to go at three, but we are extremely happy and excited with whoever is going to be there at four.”

(On if he feels that a team may try to trade up to the number three pick to take one of the players the team wants)– “Like I said, there is more than one guy and they don’t know who we are thinking about taking. It really wouldn’t affect us that much if they did because we are happy with one of a few guys. It wouldn’t be a big deal to us to be honest with you.”

(On Peter King saying Justin Blackmon is his preference with the fourth pick)– “I haven’t spoken to Peter King in years so I have no idea where that came from. Everything you have heard is complete nonsense. It’s just this time of year and I understand that. It’s fun for all you guys. Everybody is on the same page here with who we are considering.”

(On if they laugh at reports like those)– “Yeah, we kind of do and then you guys all ask the questions so I know it’s coming eventually. We understand, everyone is doing the same thing. Everyone is talking about who Minnesota is taking and I have no idea if they like (Matt) Kalil or not. Who knows. Everybody that says stuff they don’t know. I don’t know if they are making it up but it’s their best guess I should say.”

(On if he does studies of what running backs who have been taken high in the draft have done in their careers)– “We have all those studies and it’s the same thing with receivers. With receivers that have gone with top (picks), some have been good and some have been bad. You look at all that stuff but you really can’t. They are all different. These guys are different and you have character and all the other stuff you look into. The guys that we are talking about we don’t have to worry about character. We don’t have to worry about a lot of things, which is great because sometimes you do. Not saying you don’t take a guy that has a couple issues but we don’t have to worry about those situations.”

(On if he would have any hesitations taking a running back with the fourth pick)– “No.”

(On if taking Montario Hardesty in the second round two years ago impacts whether he would take another running back in the first round)– “This draft is not about the fourth pick, it’s about the draft. Montario, we do think he is going to be a lot better this year. We think Brandon Jackson is going to be good. All that stuff plays in to it, but needless to say, you are talking about a really good player. I wouldn’t say it affects who we take but it’s there. It’s true and who we have at the position that does affect what you do.”

(On Ryan Tannehill)– “I do think one thing and we try to keep this to ourselves but, people talk about Ryan Tannehill flying up the draft board after his workout. That is simply not true. With most players, where they are now is the same where they were after the season. He had a good workout, but to be honest with you, I haven’t seen a lot of people have bad workouts. It’s a workout, it’s not a game. So, wherever somebody had him, that’s probably where they still have him. He is a good player and he’s obviously very new to the position having played wide receiver. He is a good football player.”

(On the challenges in evaluating a guy with limited experience)– “Obviously when you look at quarterbacks you like to watch all his throws in college and his are a lot less. That’s just the way it is and it’s not his fault. It just makes it more difficult. I remember the same thing with (Mark) Sanchez. I think Sanchez had five more games than Tannehill. So, it’s just less tape to watch but you are still looking for the same things. You just have less of it to watch.”

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2 Responses to “Tom Heckert Talks Draft Just One Week Before the Big Day”

  1. Denolakes says:

    The Sanchez comments are interesting — considering that Tim “the Pious” Tebow is now there, too. If I were to read between the lines, I see Richardson if he is there at No. 4; Claiborne or Kalil if Richardson is gone (unlikely,IMO); WR at No. 22; maybe a DL in the second round. We shall see in a few days. I will say this, spending time in Florida (both south and north), folks ’round these parts are roundly criticizing their respective teams’ draft records and performances. Jacksonville will probably not be able to keep its team — and understandably so. Talk about gooberville.

  2. Denolakes says:

    Oh . . .and Heckert saying they have 18 first round players identified . . . picking no. 22 means sthat if other teams evaluate talent in a similar manner, there has to be a trade for another early to mid first round pick . . . say no. 22 and a fourth round pick for no. . . . what . . . 12, 13?

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