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Browns Pull Shocker; Draft QB Brandon Weeden with 22nd Pick

In a move that is going to signal the end of the Colt McCoy era in Cleveland, the Browns with the 22nd overall pick in the NFL Draft took Oklahoma St. QB Brandon Weeden.

Weeden has an NFL-quality frame that allows him to look over the offensive line and deliver his throws without a hitch. His quick release is his strongest asset, as he consistently fires the ball with a compact throwing motion and strong delivery. The ball zips off his arm, and he has the ability to fit it in any tight space.

He is “all of the above” in terms of being a mature, poised leader. He is an accurate passer on throws short and long, and he has that gunslinger mentality to go for the deep ball when it’s an option.

But – while all that is good, he’s 29-years old, and many already say that he’s too old to be starting a quality NFL career. The Browns needed to fill other spots on the team, and they dropped the ball big time.

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10 Responses to “Browns Pull Shocker; Draft QB Brandon Weeden with 22nd Pick”

  1. Dan B. says:

    I live in San Diego and we have a AAA ball club called the Padres, welcome to AAA Cleveland. 37th at best not 22nd. He had better be able to run, no front line and noone to throw to. All those OTs out there and nothing, just another example of the inept Cleveland front office. Until we get an owner that gives a damn we will continue to get this. So much for Holmgren being a great football mind. What was that Seattle radio station, that is where we wil get an exlpination from Holmgren.

  2. Ken M. says:

    What is it called when you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?!? This pick sickens me. Joe Montana in his prime couldn’t move the ball with the crappy protection Colt had. You really have to question Holmgren’s sanity at this point.

    • Dotcommie says:

      Take a look at Indy to say that again.

      The top QBs will thrive no matter where they are or who they have as targets, to an extent. However, I am not excited about TRich taking 3 more picks out of our holster, nor about Weeden being drafted instead of one of the top WRs (like Wright, who was in striking distance of the Browns at #22)…

      Hrmm, if we had those three picks to move up to Chicago’s spot or if Wright would have fallen, would we be discussing a Weeden pick on Day 1?

      Actually, we can only wait and see what we have in Weeden. HOWEVER, if he busts, H&H could be in serious trouble. There’s no guarantee that they can fill the line or WR holes (effectively) with the remaining picks. Sure, they can get guys who take up roster spots. Can those players do more than the awful products from last year? Wait and see, but keep your torches and pitchforks at the ready.

  3. […] team turned a lot of heads with their second first-round pick, drafting 28-year-old Oklahoma St. QB Brandon Weeden. There’s no doubt that the Steelers will get to know Weeden, and the Browns have already said […]

  4. Denolakes says:

    A lot of guys — including Gruden — like this guy. I don’t think his age is a big factor and he will be playing, to be sure. Any first round pick will be on the field. He throws downfield and “looking down the barrel” in Grudenese. He beat an Andrew Luck QB’d Stanford in a major bowl game. I would have loved to see a WR here — but I will put my faith in Heckert on this one . . .

  5. says:

    Shurmer kept saying Weedens a winner…..McCoy was too….in college!!! With the same guys around him he will fail too!! Receivers that cant catch and an o-line that cant protect….not a very good combination. There were a lot of really good players left in the round and because no one else had Weeden on thier radar (that high) Weeden would have been there in the second round. Thanks Browns front office for showing us that yet again we arent going to compete this year because you keep adding the positions (minus Richardson) that arent the major problems. I hope im wrong for the loyal fans of Clevelands sake, but the same crap year after year is a little frustrating.

  6. Luaulouie says:

    What I have been hearing is that Weeden would be a top ten pick if it weren’t for his age. Top ten!!! Now I don’t know if that is a bunch of hot air or reality. All I do know is that we have had a couple of good drafts over the last few years, so I will give the Walrus the benefit of the doubt. I do really like the Richardson pick, all though this is becoming a pass happy league, I think a team that a can control the clock through the ground game and not make mistakes always has a chance to win football games. Remember when the Giants played the Bills in the Superbowl. I don’t see the Browns winning more than 6 games this year because of their schedule, so we will be drafting pretty high again next year, who knows maybe just maybe we will be able to string enough good picks together to have a winner. No one on the free agent market wants to play for Cleveland right now, not enough talent to win. I have a feeling that, that is going to change in this draft and the next.

  7. CRRJ1961 says:

    Wah! Wah! Wah!…I hear alot a bitchn and complaining out there. Plain and simple,mark my word…Weeden is gonna make alot of people eat their words…

  8. Denolakes says:

    I am OK with Weeden — just surprised that he was taken in the first round . . . this offense is gonna look a lot different this year . . . and who can possibly complain about that?

  9. Gary says:

    You could see this happening after last season, because the front office and coaches DID NOT like Colt McCoy’s father budding in on how they left his son untreated and left him back in the game against the Steelers. This just made Holmgren and others really mad because they HAD to comment on what McCoy father was voicing his concern and bad mouthing the Browns! This IS the ONLY reason that the Browns DO NOT WANT McCoy because of this activity last year and the front office and coaches were extremely MAD, especially when they WERE forced to DEFEND their ACTION or INACTION about McCoy family making the head lines!!!!!
    If anyone else THINKS that McCoy is leaving for n NOT being productive and his POOR record for the last two seasons with the Browns, in which case the Browns never gave McCoy and good offensive line and protection!!! Anyone would have a BAD record under those conditions.

    So, if anyone THINKS the BROWNS are getting rid of McCoy only because they DID NOT like what McCoys family voiced the concerns last season.

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