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Fujita Says Some Evidence In Bounty Scandal May Have Been Misinterpreted

Browns linebacker Scott Fujita is one of the four former and current Saints players suspended for their alleged role in the bounty scandal.

Fujita was one of the players appealing their suspension on Monday spoke about the hearing on Friday on SiriusXM radio via Dave Zirin of

Fujita had an awkward moment with Commissioner Roger Goodell. “I saw him in the [appeal] hearings and he offered to shake all of our hands,” Fujita said. “Some of the other players didn’t, but I went ahead and shook his hand, and I just said to him, ‘What the hell are you doing, Roger?’ He had nothing to say. His face sure turned red, though.”

He believes that some of the evidence may have been misinterpreted.

“I think it would’ve been nice to have the opportunity … to try to talk it out and explain where the misinterpretations are from their end.,” Fujita explained. “I looked through all that stuff closely. I know exactly what [happened] and what didn’t. The problem with this whole thing is that it’s just an unfortunate situation where you have a defensive coordinator [Gregg Williams] who I like a lot, but said a lot of really vulgar, inappropriate, outlandish things. You couple that with some guys who occasionally throw in some money for big plays — which I have admitted to doing — and it becomes a perfect storm, and also it comes at a time politically when I think the league was looking for something like this.

“So, it’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate that a lot of players have been dragged into it when the reality is it’s just a kind of loose, joking around, performance-type system of motivation coupled with some really, really inappropriate language that I’m sensitive to, but again, it is just language.”

“I think that Gregg Williams had his own way of explaining things, putting exclamations on things which were probably pretty unique. Everywhere I’ve been, there’s been a lot of that, I think less now than there used to be because the culture is changing, people are more sensitive to these issues.”

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