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Shurmur Talks Eagles; Injuries and the First Day of Practice

(Opening statement)- “Good morning. Before we get started, as you know we have three captains for the year and then every week the captains will bring to me a suggestion for a game captain, which they did. I’ll try to announce that fourth captain in this press conference on Wednesdays. This week’s game captain will be Alex Smith. I think they chose wisely. When you’re looking for players on your team, you’re looking for guys that are passionate, productive and durable and he’s been all those things. He plays on special teams, he plays on the line of scrimmage and in the backfield on offense. He’s a tough guy. As a coach, I’m pleased with their first selection for the week so that’s what we’ve got. Otherwise, there’s been a lot of talking and predicting, everybody’s got their cracks in on what everybody thinks they’re going to do this year and how teams are going to be. It’s here and it’s Wednesday of the Philadelphia week, the first game of the season so just like every week when I get here on Wednesday, we’re working on preparation for the next opponent which ends up being Philly.”

(On if there has been any indication that Joe Haden will play this Sunday)- “Let me just make this very strong point, that is a league issue and if I did know anything about it I can’t talk about it. I’ve said that all along so at this point I’m not going to comment.”

(On Mike Holmgren saying on the radio that Joe Haden has already has an appeal hearing)- “With all due respect, what I would say to you is if you have a follow up question it should be for Mike.”

(On if James-Michael Johnson will practice today)- “We’ll see. In terms of injuries, I’m going to let what we give the league stand as my injury conversation for the press conference so we’ll see.”

(On how he feels about some predictions that the Browns will only win one game)- “I try not to listen good or bad to what gets said and written. I’m not concerned about that. Our concern is getting ready for Philadelphia.”

(On what makes the Eagles a good football team)- “I think it starts from the top. I think they’re a strong organization. It starts obviously with Jeffrey Lurie on down through Andy Reid and the coaches and the players. I was very proud to have been there. I was on Andy Reid’s first staff and I’m very proud of my time in Philadelphia. I would like to think I had a small contribution building that team into a consistent winner and they just do it. They find a way to win consistently, they have good players, they’re well coached and they’re very strong top down.”

(On Michael Vick’s big play ability)- “I think he’s a superstar in this league. He can have a bad play, a bad play and then all of a sudden it’s a touchdown. I think that’s what makes him extremely dangerous. He can do it with his feet from outside the pocket, he throws the ball extremely well. I don’t think you can underestimate and you have to be able to do this as a quarterback in this league, he can beat you with his arm in the pocket. I think that’s what makes him very, very dangerous.”

(On only having two reserves at linebacker and if he is concerned with the lack of depth at that position)- “We’ve got more guys than that. We’ve got lots of linebackers and the guys that have to play will do a great job. I am not concerned.”

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