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Video: Former Browns Owner, Art Modell, Dies at Age 87

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11 Responses to “Video: Former Browns Owner, Art Modell, Dies at Age 87”

  1. dale says:

    I do not care who disagrees with me, but the NFL would not be anywhere close to where it is today if it was not for Art Modell! He did great things for the city of Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic! He made the mistake of taking over the operations of that stadium and lost a lot of money because of it! Trusting the Cleveland area politicians was a big mistake also!It is a crime that he did not get in the Hall of Fame prior to passing away! This injustice needs to be corrected! Cold hearted people who have continued to block this need to get a life and move on!!

  2. Steve says:

    Are you insane?! This guy KILLED our city in 1995 when he ripped the hearts out of Browns fans, and you want to give him a pass?! May Art do what he should have done the day he announced the team was being taken away from the great fans of Cleveland to the rat nest in Baltimore – BURN IN HELL!!!!

    • dale says:

      Steve, It was not all his fault as i pointed out!! He did a lot for local charities and even helped pay for the late Eddie Johnson’s medical bills many years after being EXILED from the city! You need a NFL history lesson on Art’s contribution that has helped make the league the great TV spectacle it is today! Also, who are you to condemn a person to hell??!! I suggest you find god in your life!!

  3. Denolakes says:

    The man is dead. Condolences to his family and friends. This era is now officially over. Some symmetry that it should occur in the same year that this team has a new owner. Time to move on, folks. We are bigger than this.

  4. Steve says:

    I was a season ticket holder for 14 seasons, those were the best years of my life watching the Browns – win or lose. This man was at fault for taking it all away – he cost people jobs, the city a team, and Browns fans everywhere the pleasure of watching the best team God ever created.

    You guys wanna feel sorry for him and his family? Why? He used the city, made tons of bad decisions, and when it was good for HIM – he walked away.

    Sorry, your WRONG – Modell deserves to ROT – just like his selfish pig nosed kid and the rest of his family! End of Story!

    • dale says:

      Steve, You are a low life cold hearted piece of trash!! You probably are a fat drunken slob who barely qualifies as a human being!!! Am i in the ballpark??!! By the way, you are only supposed to have one chin, not four!!!!

  5. Steve says:

    Ha ha Dale,

    Your a complete loser! Why don’t you stand in silence Sunday with the rest of the hippies and honor the legacy of rotting Model and his entire loser family!

    Why your at it, why dont you move to Baltimore and cheer for the Ravens you scumbag!

    • dale says:

      Steve, I am far from a hippie and who even uses that word anymore?! Honoring a man who made immeasurable contributions to the league as well as the city of Cleveland is the right thing to do!! That old stadium as bad as it was would have really went to S#^* if not for Modell putting money into it!! You need to do some research into those dishonest politicians who were in office back in 1995, so you will realize it was not all Art’s fault that he had to move the team!! You are probably too busy eating doughnuts with your wife who probably weighs more than some of the Browns offensive linemen!!!

  6. Ben Dover says:

    RIP Art Modell, your contribution to the NFL both in its merger with the AFL and the formation of the Super Bowl XXXV Champions, Baltimore Ravens; which gives the Steelers the chance to beat the Clowns four times a year, will never be truly appreciated.

    You were one of the titans of the league.

  7. Dan B. says:

    You seem to be quite the character. You tell a man to rot in hell after he dies. Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their opinion, as a matter of fact I spent 22 yrs in the Navy defending your right to do so. I don’t have to like it or agree with it, but I have to accept it.
    Now does it make me sick sometimes to listen to the pathetic rants of an obviously sad person. Was Modell totally at fault, no. Do I agree with what he did? No. Was I angry and hurt about the whole deal? Yes! But I have a bit more respect for my team, its fans, the city of Cleveland and especially myself to carry on and make a fool of myself with the venom coming from your words.
    If you have kids I hope they have learned more from you than hate. Try putting this whole thing into perspective. I have been overseas and seen attrocities,real attrocities. Human beings living in squallor, being killed for their beliefs, sold into prostitution for the benefit of the rest of their families.
    I have seen war, destruction, poverty (at levels you couldn’t imagine), persecution and crimes. Yet you sit here and act like you have had all that and more done to you. I have been a Browns fan since I could understand what football was. I have also been and always be a Clevelander no matter where I am at. It angers me to no end that all people will see, hear and remember are people like you with nothing but spite and hate in your heart.
    Try growing up, it is a game. Does it mean alot to us, yes. But to lower yourself to the level that you and some others have makes me ashamed to say I am from Cleveland. Did Modell did some bad things, yes, but can you say that you are perfect? I know that I am not and I am only giving “My” opinion, but cursing the dead and attacking their family is truly pathetic.
    I hope that when your time comes, people speak better of you and console your family, families can not controll everyting that we do, we can only do that. You condemn Modell to hell, try being a better person than the man you are condemning, if you don’t, you are no better than he is.

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