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Browns Gab Rapid Recap: Eagles Rally As Browns Can’t Finish in 17-16 Loss


It’s a message that the very young Browns need to learn, and Sunday they learned the hard way that if they don’t do it, 2012 is going to be as long as 2011.

The Browns were in it all the way, leading 16-10 late Sunday, putting on a great performance against Michael Vick and the Eagles offense.

Their failure to finish came through, as they allowed Vick to lead the Eagles on a 16-play drive that covered 91 yards in 3:09 with a heartbreaking TD to lose to the Eagles 17-16.

Brandon Weeden got a taste of the NFL for the first time, and it didn’t go down so well. Weeden was held to a 5.1 QB rating, throwing 12-for-35 for 118 yards with no touchdowns and four picks in the loss.

New running back Trent Richardson ran for 39 yards on 19 carries, and Mohamed Massaquoi led the team with 41 yards on three catches.

The Browns got the go-ahead score when LB D’Qwell Jackson picked off Vick and went 27 yards for the go-ahead score with 13:59 left to put the Browns up 16-10.

Phil Dawson led the Browns with three field goals.

Vick was 29-for-56 for 317 yards with two touchdowns and four picks. The Eagles led at the half 10-3 after Vick hit Jeremy Maclin for an 18-yard TD with :17 left in the first half.

The Browns were outgained by the Eagles 456 to 210 in yards, and Philly had 25 first downs to 11 for the Browns in the loss.



  1. dale

    September 9, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Once again we have the wrong quarterback! Weeden has terrible footwork and absolutely no mobility whatsoever! Great stat line today!! He only slightly resembles an NFL QB!! As soon as Haslam is officially approved as owner he needs to send those two fatties, H & H packing!! What the F were they thinking??!!

  2. Denolakes

    September 9, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Bad day for the offense. Both first round picks looked anything but. Three of the four INTs were just bad decisions and many passes were overthrown. Running game was anemic. From my count, they left 3 TDs on the field. Total output less than half of the Eagles. This offense better find something fast, or this is going to be a long, dismal season. Defense looked decent overall. Haden was used like soap on too many occasions. LJ Fort and Robertson were solid and look to be terrific additions; nice to see UDFAs making it work. D’Qwell had a decent game. Defensive line and blitzes were wonderful to watch. Lots of pressure on Vick throughout game. Run defense . . well, not so much. Another good defense coming up with Cincy. Not time to panic, folks. This is early in a season on a team loaded with youngsters. The learning curve is steep and losses can and will mount in a hurry in this league. We should be encouraged by the defensive play — but not overly so. Philly passed most of the time — but still gained 150 yards on the ground. It’s early, but there are ill winds blowing . . .

  3. Dan B.

    September 10, 2012 at 12:20 am

    Heckert did not want to draft weedon, that was soley on Holmgren. This is what we have to look fwd to all season. Colt outplayed weedon ALL preseason long. I have no idea what they were thinking not playing him the last preseason game. He needs EVERY snap he can get if he is to be the starter.
    Holmgren needs to put the pride away and put Colt in till weedon can truely prove himself not start because S and Holmgren wanted him, over
    drafted him, made him a starter because he was a”first round pick” and shoved him down Heckert and our throats.
    I have no idea what game the clown writing this was watchiung, but it was anything but great. That was a pathetic show of offense, Shurmur still can not call a game, the offensive line can not open holes for the next Adrian Peterson. Put Colt in, more mobile, better at offense, better at reading defenses and give weedon a chance to learn waht he is doing.
    I get it is only the first game but good lord, if I can see it I would hope that our “head coach and pres” could see it, our GM did, hopefully the new owner does, keep the GM and rid us of the walrus and give Shurmru a short leash. The man still looks lost out there. I am not giving up hope (it is all we have) but when do we get something for our, devotion and effort? I would like to know who Heckert wanted as head coach. I don’t want it blown all up AGAIN, but we need something, I mean for Pete’s sake the Tampa Bay Bucs won a super bowl!

  4. marc hassy

    September 10, 2012 at 3:57 am

    There is no excuse for Weeded….er I mean Weeden to be our starter. If you ask me Colt should be the starter….especially now that we have a potential running team (Cribbs, Richardson). Colt is fantastic when he can rely on solid run plays as well. Yes Richardson was slowed today….however it was his first start and against the 5th best defense in the league. Weeden is a mess…..4 interceptions is bullshit….and the way he lost the game for us on a lame interception makes it all the worse. Weeden reminds me of Tim Couch in some ways….except Couch was an average QB with a shitty team. Weeden is a shitty QB with an average team to work with. Put McCoy back in and I can see the browns getting 7 maybe 8 wins this year….a step in the right direction. On the otherhand with Weeden we will get maybe 4 wins and all of those will be credited to our defense and maybe 1 brilliant performance by Weeden…..afterall even a shitty QB has his lucky day.

  5. dale

    September 10, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    After the FAILURE to trade up and get RG3 fattie should have not reached for a QB that was still going to be there in the second round! They should have just waited until the fifth or sixth round and drafted a project type of guy! We were going to have a shitty record with or without weeden anyway! Fattie made the move to go with weeden because he knew this was his last season! He is going to leave us with the same situation he started with! No answer at the most important position in all of team sports!!

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