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Browns Coach Pat Shurmur Talks Bills, Injuries and Brandon Weeden

(Opening statement)- “We’re getting ready to play Buffalo. I think Buffalo found the right combination last week against the Chiefs. They moved the ball well, they scored points. As well all know, they’ve upgraded personnel on defense and then of course they made a big play in the kicking game. It was a good bounce-back for them against a good opponent and it is going to be a big challenge for us. We know what we’re facing and we know what we have to do. The only other bit of news at this point is that this week’s game captain will be Alex Mack. Once again, I think our three captains chose wisely on that.”

(On how Alex Smith is doing)- “Alex is doing fine.”

(On if Smith will practice today)- “We’ll see. I would consider him day-to-day.”

(On how Billy Winn is doing)- “Billy’s doing fine as well. Will he be at practice? Yeah, he’ll be there.”

(On what the biggest improvement was for Brandon Weeden from Week One to Week Two)- “I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already, there are certain things about playing quarterback that point to efficiency and I thought he did some things better in terms of completions where we were trying to throw the ball down the field and he checked it down for whatever reason or go to his third or fourth receiver. There were a couple of things there. Number one, he’s learning that completions are important and he’s also displaying to me that he’s more familiar with the progressions because typically it’s one, two, three.”

(On if Weeden threw any balls that he shouldn’t have against the Bengals)- “I have some criticism of things, but I don’t know if that’s a yes or no answer.”

(On Weeden’s preparation)- “I thought he prepared well for the first game. I thought he prepared better for this second one. We’ve talked about that in the past, that’s part of being a pro, that you need to prepare well. That doesn’t surprise me and now what he needs to do is do it even better.”

(On what Weeden learned about his preparation from Week One to Week Two)- “Just watching them operate, knowing what we inspire him to do behind the scenes and then knowing how he responded to that.”

(On how much of an emphasis they put on ball security for Weeden)- “We always practice ball security in the pocket. Most of the fumbles in games happen by the quarterback in the pocket. We’re aware of that, we practice it, it’s part of what we do when we coach our quarterbacks. He didn’t have any problems what that this week and there were times when there were guys around him swatting at it.”

(On if it was encouraging to see correctable mistakes corrected)- “Absolutely, very encouraged by it.”

(On how much Weeden’s effectiveness had to do with Trent Richardson’s ability to run the ball last week)- “I’ve always thought that the quarterback’s best friend is a good running game. I think it all fit together, it really does.”

(On if Richardson getting 23 touches in a game is good enough)- “I think each guy’s role goes up or down depending on the week and the game and how the game is played. I anticipate that Trent will touch the ball. That is a good number.”

(On C.J. Spiller averaging 10-yards a carry this year)- “He’s an explosive guy. I’ve got to believe he’s one of the fastest guys on their team and if not in the league. When he gets some space, and they do a good job on offense of giving their runner space, he has a chance to turn good ones into great ones and great ones into touchdowns. Some of it has to do with what they do on offense, they do a very good job coaching their guys and some of it has to do with his skill and ability.”

(On if he was wary about Richardson’s knee after the Eagles game)- “I wouldn’t say wary, I would say I was interested to see how he would hold up in his first game. Not so much in the game, but how his body responded after the game because, as we said, we tried to monitor how much he played. That was a part that made me a little bit more comfortable about him playing as much as he did this week.”

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