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Pat Shurmur Talks the Day After the Loss to the Bills

(Opening statement)- “I’ve got nothing much more to add than I did last night in terms of this past game. We’re obviously moving fast towards playing the Ravens. What I will say is two three-and-outs, two punts that gave them field position and two scoring drives makes it 14-0 and until we become more explosive in all areas of our game, that’s a tough way to start a game. Was our team ready to play? Absolutely. Did we execute efficiently? Absolutely not. When you start a game that way that’s what happens. I felt like, just like every week, I thought our guys fought hard. We need to play better, we need to coach better, we need to do everything better and then we’ll win games. With that being said, the fact that it’s a short week we sped up the process of correcting yesterday and we’re obviously right now working on playing Baltimore on Thursday. As you know we’ll be out there on the field today and we’ll have to amp it up and get ready to go down and beat Baltimore who won last night on the last play of the game. We all know they’re a good team and they’re even better when they’re at home. It will be a big challenge for us, but we need to go down there and do it.”

(On if he expects to have Mohamed Massaquoi this week)- “He’s going to be day to day. There’s not many days so we’ll see.”

(On if Alex Smith will be able to play)- “Day to day as well.”

(On if one of the troubles of a Thursday night game is not having players available that normally would play the next Sunday like possibly Massaquoi)- “I think that’s something we all deal with. I think injuries are part of it and they hit teams in different ways and the schedule falls the way it is and you’ve got to deal with it. There are no excuses and I think that’s the way it is. Next guy up, if he can’t go then Jordan Norwood’s ready to go.”

(On how disappointing it is not to be able to build off what was accomplished in Cincinnati)- “I wanted to build and win a game. That’s what building is and we didn’t get that done. That’s what disappoints me, we didn’t win. I think you saw the end of a lot of games where the coaches could say they didn’t play well and they won and then there are some games when teams felt like they played well and they lost. It’s about winning games and that’s how you build.”

(On his reaction to how loud the Buffalo Bills fans were at the end of the game)- “I would say this, we have to establish a winning tradition at home and that won’t be the case. End of story.”

(On the reason why the defense is not playing as well as it did last year)- “I thought yesterday we could have done some things better with our run fits and you guys can take that where you want. We had a couple plays in the red zone where they executed well and we didn’t. Most of their explosive plays came in the run game, simple run plays that we can get corrected and then, of course, in the red zone scoring plays, you have to eliminate that.”

(On if he is considering more lineup changes for Thursday night)- “We consider everything, but I thought Usama Young did a very nice job. I thought (Tashaun) Gipson, when he was in there, played well. Those were the two changes there.”

(On if he wanted Eric Hagg to sit and learn by watching the game and if there is anything a player can learn from watching the game)- “Yeah, they need to. I think a player needs to learn every way possible. Unfortunately, you have to deactivate certain players and he knew ahead of time it was going to happen and he needs to learn from that. When you put a roster together you consider everything – their reps as a starter, their reps as a backup and then how they contribute on special teams.”

(On if there are particular things he is looking for Hagg to get better at)- “No, I’m not disappointed in his play. We’re trying to find the right combination of guys to go in, that winning combination, and that’s why we did it.”

(On what is preventing Greg Little from being productive)- “Greg is working extremely hard. Greg is extremely tough. Greg has got to be more consistent catching the football. That’s it.”

(On if Greg Little’s “posing” is wearing on him like it is wearing on everyone else)- “Well, I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’ve had my conversations with him about that. That can be said. Now, whether people see me ranting and raving on the sidelines at a player, trust me I have my conversations with him.”

(On if his conversations with Little took place before or after the Buffalo game)- “All along I’ve had my conversations with him about all issues.”

(On if he thinks Little is dedicated enough to being a good pro)- “I do, he works hard.”

(On if drops were an issue with Little in college)- “We didn’t see it. All receivers in college, nobody catches every single ball that’s been thrown to him and as we know he didn’t play as a senior.”

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