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Jim Brown: A True Superhero

By Brock Landes

Created in comical form in the mid-1930?s, a superhero brought to earth was more than just an ordinary newspaper writer. A man named, Clark Kent, was a dedicated newspaper writer, but when danger approached, Kent switched into his other identify, where he typically found himself saving the world. Clark had one week ness; Kryptonite. However, Clark Kent, better known as “Superman”, carried unexplainable traits which included, Superhuman Strength, Heat Vision, Invulnerability, Living Solar Battery and more. With the ability to do almost anything known to man-kind, Clark managed to keep his second identity a secret, as he was the Man of Steel, better known as Superman.Another version of Superman was created in 1957 during the NFL season.

Not much was different between the new superman and the original Superman. Well of coarse the names were different. Clark Kent was know as Superman, and the new Superman, Jim Brown, was known as “First Down” Brown. Jim Brown, like Clark Kent, had just one week ness, defenders. In fact, Jim Brown might not have even had a week ness, just some strengths. Brown did not carry Heat Vision, Superhuman Hearing, no, Brown had strengths deeper than that. On a football field, which was Brown’s home, “First Down” Brown displayed Superhuman Speed and Explosive Violence.

Standing at 6? 2?, Brown used his package of 230-pounds to fight for extra yards, stay on his feet, and crave contact, as Brown would run over defenders using his Explosive Violence and Superhuman Speed. As far a personalities are concerned, a “Superman” on the field was not Brown’s only identity.

Off the field, Jim Brown was an incredible role-model and idol for kids as well as adults, constantly giving back to his community as he worked with both Cleveland and Los Angeles children stuck in the “gangster lifestyle”. He helped kids break through these lifestyles by guiding them through his ‘Amer-I-Can’ program, which he founded in the year of 1988.

Some may consider Superman the greatest superhero off all-time and many people consider Jim Brown the greatest running-back of all-time. Although Brown ended his career early, some may say, Brown was the greatest,  because of his numbers.

In 1965, the twenty-nine year old, at the tip of his prime, decided to retire. Leaving a legacy behind, Brown rushed for an astonishing 12,312 yards ,scored 106 touchdowns, and not-to-mention, in 1965, Brown’s last year, he tied his season touchdown record, with seventeen!

Brown, in ’65, set a career rushing record with 1,544 yards and went on to win the 1965 NFL AP MVP award which would mark the sixth time Brown won an MVP award!  Lets not forget, all of the years that Jim Brown played, his career consisted of twelve to fourteen games, opposed to now, where the NFL plays sixteen game seasons .Imagine his numbers in a sixteen game season!

As you could mention every superhero, Superman would the list. When you mention the greatest running-backs in the history of the NFL, make sure Jim Brown’s name is at the top of the list.



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