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Poll: Grade The Browns Two First Round Picks in the Draft

Grade The Browns Two First Round Picks

Browns Pull Shocker; Draft QB Brandon Weeden with 22nd Pick

In a move that is going to signal the end of the Colt McCoy era in Cleveland, the Browns with the 22nd overall pick in the NFL Draft took Oklahoma St. QB Brandon Weeden. Weeden has an NFL-quality frame that allows him to look over the offensive line and deliver his throws without a hitch. […]

Tom Heckert Talks Draft Just One Week Before the Big Day

(On if he wants to keep the fourth overall pick or trade down)– “I think we would like to stay there. Wherever you are picking you think you are going to stay there and then if something else happens that’s the secondary thing. I do think we probably would be able to trade out. I […]

Richardson’s Twitter Account Talking Up the Browns a Fake

There was a lot of chatter on Saturday about draft prospect Trent Richardson tweeting about wanting to come and play for the Cleveland Browns in 2012. One of the tweets had a picture of a Browns hat, and another stated: Well, Browns fans, sorry to say in the end it turns out that the account […]

Shurmur Says Browns Could Wheel and Deal with Rams for #2 Pick

Rumors have come out with the combine ongoing that the Rams are interested in moving out of the two spot, but also that QB Robert Griffin III is NOT going to fall past that elusive two position. That means, if the Browns can’t land Matt Flynn and want RG3, they are going to have to […]

Atlanta Falcons Watch: Hoping For A Top 10 2012 Draft Pick

By now, Cleveland Browns (and Atlanta Falcons) fans are all aware of just what Atlanta gave-up to grab their prized Draft Pick – Julio Jones, WR, Alabama. Incase you don’t know, here’s a recap: Atlanta Falcons Received: Cleveland’s 2011 1st Round Draft Pick (#6, selected Julio Jones, WR) Cleveland Browns Received: Atlanta’s 2011 1st Round […]