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Lombardi At Combine With Documents With Browns Logo

Mike Lombardi sounds like a conflicted man these days, now working for Bill Belichick and the Patriots, yet (as you can see above), he’s still walking around with documents with a Browns logo on it. So what’s up with that? It’s probably a lot to do about nothing, and were old docs anyway before Jimmy […]

Haslam And Banner Were At Odds Over Coaching Candidate Josh McDaniels

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner were at odds over Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. McDaniels — a longtime Lombardi favorite — supposedly became Haslam’s top choice, but Banner had his reservations. McDaniels had been fired by the Broncos after a controversial reign in which […]

Banner Out; Lombardi Gone – Farmer New GM In Front Office Shake-Up

As BrownsGab talked about a WEEK AGO, today the Browns announced a major restructuring to the front office, making Ray Farmer the new General Manager. As for Joe Banner, he’s out as CEO, and GM Mike Lombardi is gone as well. President Alec Scheiner will continue in charge of the organization’s business operations. “First of […]

Rumor: Mike Lombardi Out Soon As Browns GM?

The following comes from the site Reddit, and should be taken for what it’s worth – a rumor. In the interest of news, it looks though like it could wind up being true if you read into the facts of what DawgPoundNation writes, which is the following: In the interests of not self promoting my […]