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Pep Hamilton Likes the Direction of the Browns New Look Offense

The Browns are seven days away from their first preseason game at home against the Washington Redskins. The team is looking for building blocks after an awful 3-13 season in 2015, and one area they have to be better in general is that of offense. The team went out and brought in QB Robert Griffin […]

If the Browns Want Robert Griffin III with the 2nd Overall Pick – It Will Cost Them

The Rams will drive a hard bargain bargain for the second overall pick in the draft, and that’s because many think it will end up being QB Robert Griffin III. The Browns (fourth overall pick), the Skins (sixth) and Miami (eighth) will be in the derby to move up; Seattle (12) and a couple of […]

Shurmur Says Browns Could Wheel and Deal with Rams for #2 Pick

Rumors have come out with the combine ongoing that the Rams are interested in moving out of the two spot, but also that QB Robert Griffin III is NOT going to fall past that elusive two position. That means, if the Browns can’t land Matt Flynn and want RG3, they are going to have to […]