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Fujita’s Officially Back on the Browns Roster

The Browns are close to getting veteran LB Scott Fujita back the field, as today the league lifted the roster exemption for the linebacker. Fujita was suspended for three games for his role in the Saints’ bounty scandal lifted last week. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is planning to meet with Fujita and the three other […]

Pryor to Host Pro Day, Browns Will Be in Attendance

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally deemed former Ohio State quarterback Terrell Pryor eligible for Monday’s NFL Supplemental Draft. The announcement comes just days after Goodell postponed the draft, originally scheduled for this past Wednesday, because he needed more time to determine Pryor’s eligibility. Pryor is finally allowed to pursue his dream of playing in the […]

Goodell To Visit Browns

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will pay a visit to Browns training camp this afternoon.  Goodell will meet with players, coaches and staff members of the Browns.  Goodell is visiting Browns training camp as part of his ongoing initiative to visit NFL teams throughout the year.