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Happy With Today’s Victory? Tell Us About It!

Well it wasn’t pretty Browns’ fans, but the Cleveland Browns pulled-out a late-game victory over the 0-2 Miami Dolphins to improve to 2-1 on the young NFL season.

I wanna know how today’s last second win by the Browns made you feel! Tell me all about it by commenting below!

Who were you most impressed with in today’s game? Colt McCoy’s late game heroics? Montario Hardesty’s first start of his career? Or was it Mohammed Massaquoi and Joshua Cribbs emerging as legitimate weapons from the receiver position? How about D’Qwell Jackson, who led the team in tackles for the third straight week?

How about disappointment? Was it the offenses inability to move the ball first 55 minutes? How about the Defenses continued inability to stop the run?

Whatever your emotion, we want to hear about it!



  1. Dotcommie

    September 25, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Hrmm… I’m definitely happy with the win. Those are never bad. However, there isn’t much besides the defensive effort to be excited about. Problems first:

    Mohammed Massaquoi and Joshua Cribbs can’t be considered legit threats when they didn’t combine for more catches than the TE, Ben Watson. I’ll grant you that MoMass gets one very nice catch per game. I’ll also say that Cribbs is more of a threat than either MoMass or Robiske. Actually, Little turned in some nice work on that last drive.

    The problem with the offense is that the WRs can’t be counted on to get separation and McCoy is having trouble hitting them when they do. What that points to is an anemic offense that will score when the running game heats up or the field is short. It’s still early, so we should expect that McCoy will improve some more. Maybe Little will start breaking through, as well.

    On the defensive side, I am quite pleased. They showed a good combination of pass rush and pass coverage that stymied the Dolphins more often than not. They got the turnover when they needed it, and basically shut down Brandon Marshall. Sure, you could ask for a stiffer run defense. However, I’m not that concerned about that since it’s not costing us games.

    Oh, and one other thing: Let’s find a new punter.

  2. Derek McQuaid

    September 25, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    Thanks for the comment Dotcommie! I’d like to take the time to respond to your post.

    First of all, while I agree that the WRs have something to prove in the receiving game, a lot of their troubles today were on Colt McCoy. Maybe Little, Massaquoi and Cribbs could’ve done more to get separation, Colt wasn’t very accurate and missed a wide-open Cribbs streaking down the middle. Those are throws McCoy has to give their receiver a chance to make.

    Second, the Browns haven’t really done much outside of field goals with only a short field. Now, that’s not to say that they haven’t been heads-and-shoulders better than they were last year in terms of red-zone scoring, but they fail, sometimes, to take advantage of short field opportunities.

    You can’t say enough good things about this defense. I think a healthy D’Qwell Jackson helps, but our front four (Mitchell, Taylor, Rubin, Sheard) is absolutely unbelievable. Couple that with our linebackers and the zone blitz, and we’re a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks.

    It’s hard to figure out why they can’t stop the run though. They have solid tacklers at all three levels – defensive line, linebackers (led by Jackson of course) and Ward and Haden in the secondary. I’m hoping it comes together for them, because they have the potential to be a top five defense in the NFL. As it is, I think they have the potential to lead the league in sacks. Taylor and Rubin combined for 16 total tacks (12 solo) and 2.5 sacks from their defensive tackle position. Those stats are unheard of from an interior d-lineman.

    Maynard has been inconsistent in his two games. Last week he was solid, this week – shaky, at best. It’s a good thing our defense has stepped it up a notch, or we’d be looking at 0-3.

    This team is a brain fart away from 3-0. If you’d told me the Browns would be 2-1 after 3, I’d tell you that was porbably a stretch. However, with Indy’s misfortune, we were able to take advantage of the Colts inept offense, and a mentally struggling Dolphins team.

    It’s good to see the team win, but more importantly it’s great to see them winning games they are supposed to win. I think attitude has a lot to do with this team’s success – knowing you can win, is a lot better than thinking you can.

  3. Dan

    September 26, 2011 at 10:38 am

    The biggest thing I am having trouble with is McCoy’s accuracy. One of the most accurate and winningest QBs in college history. Now he’s in the West coast Offense and is having a hard time completing 50% of his passes. He completes over 70% in a normal offense (in college), he should be completing 80% in the WCO. I thought he has been pretty good on his roll out passes until yesterdays interception. He also had 3 passes swatted. One was on a roll out. Sure, there were drops by the receivers, and other miscues but Colt has been the major problem with his lack of consistency (my opinion).
    I can see what H&H are trying to do with building a young team, but you need some veterans to help the young guys develop. I, for one, am a Browns fan that is real tired of the rebuilding process. It does NOT take 12 or 13 years to build a talented team. But here in NE Ohio, it seems to take DECADES. Thats not just the Browns. The Indians have been to the World Series a couple times and the Cavs have been to the big game, but a Championship is so far away I’m sure I will never see one again. It’s only been what, 46 years for the Brownies? That’s next to impossible. ONLY in Cleveland.
    Being from Akron, I do have a National Championship with the Zips in soccer. So WEEE HAWW.

    • Derek McQuaid

      September 26, 2011 at 5:53 pm


      I agree 100% with you about McCoy’s inaccuracy issues. I think his height is a major issue in the NFL. There are way to many of his passes being batted down at the line of scrimmage, even when he rolls out. I’ve seen glimpses in McCoy’s play that lead me to believe that he absolutely can lead this team to consistent success.

      Keep in mind, he got a bad deal when Mangini was head coach, and had a shortened offseason to work with this season. I think that, if, after next year – having a full off-season, etc. – he hasn’t improved, then the front office needs to think about heading in a different direction.

      I think the team has the veteran leadership in place that they need to be successful. Fujita and Jackson provide that old-school leadership on defense, while Haden, Ward and eventually, Sheard and Taylor, provide the kind of leadership that the young guys coming in need. On offense, you got Thomas, Cribbs, Hillis and eventually, McCoy. I think H&H need to stick to their plan, and this team will be alright. Green Bay is a prime example of a team sticking to their plan for the future.

  4. denolakes

    September 26, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    It is a W, but that is all. This team struggles far too much for far too long in any given game.

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